I'm Dennis. I've been taking photos and writing nearly all of my life, capturing moments on the go - and some of these are on this site for you to look at, or buy.

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I'm available for commissions (writing and photography), details are available on this site. I love being creative, whether that is by putting together leaflets and marketing materials, taking photos, or writing copy - I just a buzz out of anything creative.

If you are looking for somebody who can write under tight deadlines, take photos at an event or ceremony, or even film an event or ceremony, get in touch!

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Why the name Left Eye Photography?

I've got almost perfect vision in my left eye, which makes it my shooting eye (and the one I use to measure distance). My right eye on the other hand, we can just say it is weak!

I have always had a stigma with my right eye. It makes it hard for me to focus on something for too long (especially something dark) so I can sometimes be found with my right eye closed when focussing!

It doesn't affect my ability to shoot photography or write! But it is the reason I chose the name Left Eye.

Check out my portfolio here.