Inspiration for the book…

Another day and another blog entry about the book I am writing. This time I thought I would write about what has inspired this book.

By this book, I mean ‘Arthur’ which is the codename for the book which has a name but is secret. I can tell you that it isn’t called ‘My book of books’.

As I mentioned before, I have more than one book on the go, but I am trying to get to the end of one in particular. When I say to the end – I mean patch up all the bits in the middle from beginning to end, as I already know what happens.

This book is inspired by quite dark themes. Things like what keeps you up at night, what makes your heart race, what stops you from walking into a dark room – it’s inspired by fear and all the things we imagine might be living under the bed. It’s quite dark.

I’m also trying to add in little bits of humour though. Characters who can shine a little light and stop the book being dark all the way through – and I know one of the characters is based on me. Clumsy, a little silly and a bit of an idiot. I hope that sort of character gives a little bit of life to things.

But it really is a book inspired by what scares us, and what scares me. The theme is about what time does to us, what haunts us, it has themes of death too – i’m not afraid to say that not all characters in the book will make it to the end.

It’s also about what happens as we get older, memories get lost and replaced by worries, do we lose who we are or are we always destined to turn out that way?

Time for a little more from the book:

“You are flawed because you sleep. We have no use or reason to close our eyes. When eyes are closed the minds are too and then you are vulnerable. So tell me Arthur, what happens when you sleep?”

I don’t want to give too much away about what the darkness comes from or how it affects the world I have created, but I have also taken influence from things in the world we live in. Hatred, fascism, racism – things I’m always seeing when I turn on the TV or open a newspaper. My book looks at how infectious things can be and the theme that runs through the book is how easy it is for some of the bad things in the world to spread from man to woman, from woman to child and so on.

As for what scares me? I used to have a fear of moths, but there are no moths in this book. I guess that’ll happen if ever it got published and was left to sit on a shelf…

Once again, thank you for reading.

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