Leaving the Face

I made a decision a few weeks back. I decided to close down my Facebook account.

I found I was using that time to read stories, news, trends, articles, statuses, groups and pages – and I wasn’t giving enough time to doing things I actually enjoyed.

I’d sit down, open my phone and my thumb would swipe down and find the Facebook app and once again I would be taken into a world which gave me nothing in return. Before I knew it, I would be swiping and refreshing and being force fed adverts about getting married.

Yes, I have searched about getting married.

But the other thing I realised I was doing, was that instead of interacting with people, I was liking their status, or putting a frown or a heart, as if that was a good way to interact with a fellow human being. Since leaving Facebook I’ve had no choice but to ring somebody, or – and I know this is almost as bad – text them.


And the great thing is, I have been able to write more on my book. Which was the plan all along when I got rid of Facebook, it just came with all those added benefits.

And I have been [secret project] which I can’t quite talk about right now, but it will be blogged about soon. It’s IOW related and it’s awesome.

For now….

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