We like to keep marketing as simple as possible, focusing on the right messages to promote your business. We work alongside Press Solutions and the Local Directory to offer a full marketing service to help you.

We will help with:

  • Identifying aspects of your business to improve.
  • Develop and improve an online presence for you.
  • Promoting your business with social media campaigns
  • Putting you in touch with the right people when you require media exposure
  • Helping with business branding
  • Creating marketing materials such as leaflets and business cards

Together, David of Press Solutions, Kai of the Local Directory and myself have a wealth of experience in marketing, media, and running businesses, so we are the perfect partnership to help you succeed.


Coming soon! More information about The Local Directory Partnership to help local businesses.


Left Eye Media is the communication and media partner for Zone Alliance, covering Brighton Beach Comic Con, Island Con, and Super Power-Con.

Media representation

We know how hard it is to be able to run an event, as well as to concentrate on the media side of things. It's very important to keep the media informed about what is happening with your event or festival. Left Eye Media has a proven track record of helping manage the media side of events, from the smaller Cowes Cardboard Boat Race to Brighton Beach Comic Con, Island Con (Isle of Wight Comic-Con) and Super Power Con - the biggest Power Rangers convention in Europe.

We will

  • Take full control of the media operation
  • Manage all releases to the media, and stay in contact with local and national media
  • Promote the event via marketing (including competitions and more)
  • Track all feedback and media coverage
  • Take the pressure off you by organising all media accreditation
  • Report back to you each month and at the end of the year, so you can use the information to bring more sponsors to the event

Contact us at to talk to us about how we can run the media side of your event. We will charge one flat fee, depending on the size of the event and the time needed, which covers ALL aspects above and more.

For more information and to arrange a meeting with members of The Local Directory Partnership, send me an email.

Media services from Left Eye:

We know how frustrating it is to discover you are short of writers. Or perhaps you find writing a challenge and want somebody to take the pressure off.

This is where Left Eye Media comes in.

Not only can we provide you with the peace of mind that the workload will be completed - on time and to a high standard.

Find out more about our rates HERE


You can also visit us at Office 2, 2a St Thomas' Square, Newport, Isle of Wight.