Spotify or Apple Music?

Oh my. Another post about something other than the book. Sssshhh!

So, there are a number of music streaming apps about. When I had an Android phone, I used Google Play Music for a bit. It was good but it didn’t feel intuitive. It might have improved since then (I have had an Iphone for the past 3 years).

When I moved back to Iphone from Android, I chose to use Spotify. I have to admit, I really liked using it, I hardly had any streaming issues and it just made listening to music so easy.

Apple Music released their streaming service in the summer of 2015 and with that a 3 month trial. I found it to be a really good way to stream music – and as it mixed in all my previous downloads, it was an easy way for me to keep all my music in one section.

After the three month period I cancelled Spotify and paid to use Apple Music – and after another 6 months I upgraded to Apple Music Family.

And all was well. The end.

Well actually it wasn’t. Things just got worse as time went on. I was sometimes opening up the app to find my music had gone, it wasn’t there at all – it would then refresh and take ages to find my downloaded and saved content. I’d have buffering issues when streaming music – and sometimes it would cut out and crash. Frustrating.

Now, the problem is that I have invested a lot of time building a music library and also have family members in on the Family deal, I was trapped.

But just two months ago something completely bizarre happened. Every single one of the tracks I had downloaded/saved as part of my membership just completely disappeared. I went through the processes I know to try and reboot the account, but nothing. Not a thing.

I used Google for advice and all posts I found suggested I should do exactly what I had done. I had no option but to contact Apple directly. I visited the website and used the chat function.

“Yeah your membership has expired, renew and you will get your tracks”

No. No it has not. And secondly, when I transferred bank accounts previously and had an issue with Apple Music payment, my songs did not go missing.

“Yeah your membership has expired, renew and you will get your tracks”


“Yeah your membership has expired, renew and you will get your tracks”

No it has not. It has not. No.

I was then put through to a supervisor who was baffled by the fact that my music had just…. gone. He tried talking me through processes I had already done more than once. So he decided he would pass this on to the ‘tech team’. Over the next few weeks they asked me to do things I had already done and then said they had found ‘around 400 tracks’ and then asked me to do things I had already done.


At this point, realising I would never get the thousands of songs back I had saved to my device, I decided the time had come to move on. I waited till the end of my subscription and cancelled it. Apologising to all family members, before downloading Spotify and being re-introduced to playlists and songs I had almost forgotten about.

And since moving to Spotify I have had streaming which works brilliantly, no buffering, ease of use, no tracks disappearing, no issues. Nowt. Zilch. Spotify just makes things so much easier, the app is quick and easy to use and I am able to skip and switch songs with no delay, no buffering and no problems.

I kind of regret wasting all that time and energy putting together a world class playlist with Apple Music, when Spotify was there for me all along.

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