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When you start a business, it is quite daunting.

Not only do you have to spend a lot of time (or should spend a lot of time) costing things up, planning short and long term, as well as building the brand (website, social media, colour schemes) – but you also know that you will need to find a good way to attract customers – something which should fall into the first stages of planning.

But when you are preparing so much, it sometimes slips away from the mind – and you are left thinking of ways to reach those who want to buy your products or services.

Marketing through Facebook and Google is a good way to start, as is making sure your website is SEO ready. But when you starting-up the last thing you want to do is spend money from a tight budget on advertising fees – which can be hit and miss, depending on your knowledge of targeting adverts on social media.

The Local Directory on Facebook is a great way to reach customers, and is a free services – which means you don’t even have to worry about adding it to the budget.

Kai’s passion

It’s run by Kai Davis, a local businessman, who has a passion for helping Isle of Wight businesses.

I’ve met with Kai a few times since Left Eye was launched, and he has been an avid supporter of my work. As well as this, I have been able to utilise the Local Directory group on Facebook to tell people local to me about what I do, as well as keeping people updated with everything Left Eye.

Kai said: “I started The Local Directory to help my friend’s show of their various businesses & help to promote local … I never knew it would grow to where it is now.”

He continued: “I enjoy being able to meet amazing people and helping them to grow their business.. I have been lucky enough to meet a lot of businesses that I didn’t know about before.”

Kai regularly visits businesses, like the No64 Bar in Shanklin
Kai regularly visits businesses, like the No64 Bar in Shanklin


With plans to expand and improve on what is on offer, now is the perfect time to add your name to the growing list of businesses who are already part of The Local Directory.

Kai told me: “I have some great things planned for the future of The Local Directory. We’ve made connections that we are going to be working directly with in order to provide new services for our loyal followers.”

So if you have a local business and want a little bit more exposure, join the Local Directory group on Facebook and tell people a bit about yourself.

I’m looking to write about local people with a passion. If that sounds like you – send me a message.

Main image: David (Press Solutions), Kai (The Local Directory) and Den (Left Eye Media)


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